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What should I do if a breaker in my panel will not reset?
First, do not attempt to reset this breaker. A tripping breaker is a sign of an overload or short condition in the wiring and the circuit breaker is doing it's job of protecting the wiring from further damage. To make this repair the cover to the panel needs to be removed and the wire leading to the circuit breaker disconnected. If the breaker resets the problem is in the wiring. Please do not remove the panel cover unless you are experienced working with electricity.
What's causing a breaker in my panel to make a buzzing noise?
The most common reason circuit breakers make noise is the loss of tension on the electrical bus in the panel. The circuit breaker requires a tight connection between the circuit breaker and the bus an if that is not the case, arcing occurs. As the arcing continues more of the required material on the circuit breaker and buss is lost and eventually the breaker contact point is lost. It is very important to note if you hear anything like this in your electrical panel, call an electrician immediately to reduce damage to your electrical panel.
How do I know if someone is qualified to do electrical work?
All electrical work should be performed by a licensed electrical contractor or an employee of the contractor. Many companies offering handyman services or remodeling often do these services but this process is discouraged.
Why did the outlets in my bathroom just stop working?
The most frequent cause of this condition is the GFCI receptacle or circuit breaker has been tripped. Reset the GFCI receptacle by depressing the Rest button on the face of the receptacle or reset the handle on the circuit breaker if so equipped.
What should I do if I need to add circuits in my electrical panel but I don't have any open spaces?
There are several solutions available to gain more space for your needed circuits. First, many of today's electrical equipment manufacturers offer slim lime style circuit breakers. These circuit breakers are half the thickness of a normal circuit breaker. Two slim line style breakers can be installed in to the space of the original circuit breaker. Another solution is to add a second panel, often referred to as a sub-panel. This panel can be located next to the original panel or located elsewhere for added convenience. Third, a new main panel can be installed that provide added space. This is an optimal solution if your original panel is old or in poor condition.
How often should I test my electrical equipment?
Electrical equipment is not required to be inspected but it is a good idea to have the electrical equipment inspected when you purchase the home or business and when electrical work is being performed.
What if my outlets do not accept three-prong plugs?
The third, or grounding, prong on a typical appliance plug provides an extra measure of safety against electrical shock. Older two-prong receptacle outlets, installed in homes before this innovation, may not be adequately grounded and should be upgraded. There are two methods of performing this upgrade.

One is to replace the 2 prong plug with a GFCI receptacle outlet. This provides the needed safety and meets most electrical codes for upgrading wiring devices. This is most likely the most economical method.

The best approach is to run a new branch circuit back to the panel, verifying presence of a valid ground. Because this procedure usually involves fishing cable behind walls it's not always feasible unless a total rewiring job is being performed.
Where inside the house are GFCI protected outlets required?
The purpose of GFCI receptacles is to separate people from water and electricity. Receptacle located in the areas of the water; kitchen, bath, laundry, unfinished basements and exterior areas must be GFCI protected. I suggest to customer that this upgrade be completed as soon as possible.

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